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Looking For The Best Place To Sell Vintage Guitars In Orlando? Choose An Experienced Buyer

The vintage guitar market has been on a consistent increase in growth ever since the 60s and 70s. If you have a guitar or other antique instrument gathering dust, you will want to find the best place to sell vintage guitars in Orlando. Busby Estate Liquidators can help.

Picture this scenario: you are cleaning out your attic one morning, and you stumble across an untouched rectangular case that looks very peculiar. You set it down and open the case, only to find a guitar in it. The guitar is in decent condition. It looks like the guitar has only been played a handful of times and is also relatively clean. Inside the case, there is a certificate of verification, or maybe an old-school guitar catalog from around the time the guitar was crafted. Chances are, you came across an extremely valuable piece of history: a vintage guitar. Now is the perfect time to research the best place to sell vintage guitars in Orlando, because you will want to work with an experienced antiques dealer.

The Rise Of The Vintage Guitar

The vintage guitar market has been on a consistent increase in popularity ever since the 60s and 70s. More and more modern guitar players have found that older guitars were indeed better: better construction and craftsmanship, better playability, and distinct sounds. Even later vintages, such as the 1980’s Japanese guitars that used to be considered low-end knock-offs of US-made guitars have gained popularity as modern players have come to appreciate the quality of Japanese craftsmanship. Some of these guitars from the past have become true icons of rock n’ roll history.

Take for example the favorite guitar of the legendary Jimmy Page. The axe that became synonymous with Page and many others was a coveted 1959 Gibson Les Paul, often considered to be one of the holy grails of vintage guitars. There are many variations of the 1958-1960 era Les Pauls, often called “bursts” because of the cherry sunburst design on their bodies, that have been wielded by notable guitarists. Eric Clapton used a 1960 burst to innovate rock guitar with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers on their “Beano” album. Peter Green used a 1959 Les Paul in his days with Fleetwood Mac, and the guitar became associated with him. 

This guitar was later passed on to bluesy-shred maestro Gary Moore, which became his signature guitar as well, used on many of his solo records and can be seen used in his stint in Thin Lizzy. That was a guitar sold to him for $300, which he eventually had to sell due to financial problems. Moore sold the guitar for the eye-opening amount of $750,000. The guitar then found its way into the hands of Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, for an even bigger sum of $2 million. To the average collector, that might seem like a ridiculous sum. But consider the circumstances: a relatively rare guitar, passed through the hands of two guitar legends, bought by another iconic guitar player. To Kirk, the price of $2 million was a steal.  In the antique business, this added value is what we call “Provenance.”

To state the obvious, this type of price appreciation can’t be expected from the vintage guitar you’ve just uncovered. However, your find could easily be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, and in some cases even five figures, which is why it’s so important to find the best place to sell vintage guitars in Orlando. The keys to determining your guitar’s value are:

  • The model and year best place to sell vintage guitars in Orlando
  • The condition
  • Whether the guitar is all original, or it has been altered or modified

This is where Busby Estate Liquidations can help. We have extensive experience as both guitar players and resellers, which makes us the best place to sell vintage guitars in Orlando. We can help you uncover the history behind your guitar, show you comparable sales of your specific guitar year and model, and make you a fair offer after we’ve taken the time to educate you.  Here is what we do:

  1. Identify the model and year:

Knowing the exact model of your guitar and the date of its manufacture plays a vital role in determining value. This can be a tricky process for some makes and models, but we have the experience and subject matter knowledge needed! 

  1. What is the condition of the guitar?

First impressions are certainly important. A clean guitar in good condition is always going to be more desirable than a rougher, well-worn guitar. That being said, there are plenty of higher-end vintage guitars that are still worth a considerable sum of money. A broken guitar may even have considerable value as a parts guitar. Also, many guitar players (and dealers) think wear-and-tear on a guitar is very cool and adds to the aesthetic of an instrument. 

  1. Is the guitar all original, or has it been altered or modified?

This question becomes much more relevant if the guitar is older and of higher value. As with all antiques and collectibles, collectors pay a premium for original condition and components. On an electric guitar, this means we need to verify many elements. Are the pots and pickups original? Has the guitar been refinished? Have alterations or improvements been made over the years? Again, if we are talking about a 1980s Aria Les Paul clone, the answer to these questions is not so important, but as we get into 1970s US-made guitars of merit, the more original the better.

We at Busby Estate Liquidation are always open to any types of guitars, (yes that includes basses as well) so whatever the reason might be, if you are looking to sell an instrument, feel free to contact us and set up an appointment! It will be clear why we are the best place to sell vintage guitars in Orlando.

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