Attorneys, Trust, and Probate

Professional Representation for your Clients’ Estate

Attorneys, Trust, and Probate

Busby Estate Liquidation & Realty Services is uniquely positioned to serve the clients of professional trustees, estate planning attorneys, and probate personal representatives.  We have the expertise and experience to facilitate the sale of the entire estate in one smooth process, and the flexibility to work with your clients’ most challenging dynamics.

Here is what sets us apart from the average estate sale company:

  • Complete Estate Liquidation – We can sell all personal and real property, including real estate, antiques, collectibles, business inventory, industrial equipment, boats, cars, precious metals, and other high-value assets.
  • Project Management – We will handle the entire process from start to finish, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of the estate planning. We can facilitate minor real estate repairs and ensure that the timing of all aspects of the sale is coordinated and seamless.
  • Appraisal Services – We offer appraisals custom-tailored to your clients’ needs and specifications, from in-depth insurance appraisals to less costly line-item full estate appraisals, all performed personally by the owner, who draws on over 30 years of selling antiques and collectibles. Please note, that appraisal services are reserved for all our full estate liquidation clients and are not available ala carte.
  • Superior Marketing – We gain incredible marketing synergy when selling all the contents of the estate together, helping your clients achieve the highest possible prices for their real estate, cars, boats, and rare or collectible personal property.
  • Expertise – With over 32 years of experience selling antiques and collectibles and over 12 years as a real estate broker, investor, and sales associate (both commercial and residential), we offer a level of expertise that no other Central Florida estate liquidation company can match!
Attorneys, Trust, and Probate

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