Buying Antiques & Collectibles from Estates

We Buy Antiques & Collectibles

We are truly collectors at heart.  This is made evident when you see the vast array of antiques and collectibles, we are willing to purchase.  Basically, if there is a market for it and it is fairly valuable, we are probably interested! Here is an overview of some of the items we like to purchase.  The larger and higher quality of the collection, the greater our level of interest.  We are happy to travel anywhere in the southeast for a high-value collection!

Antiques & Collectibles

Items We Collect

Musical Instruments and Gear:  Vintage or antique brass, woodwind and string instruments, electric and acoustic guitars of all eras and countries of origin, effects pedals and gear, mixing boards, etc.

Comic Books: 1940s thru 1960s (Golden and Silver Age) as well as modern keys and first issues/appearances, especially if graded.

Fine China and Crystal:  Mostly higher-end or high-demand makers and patterns, like Waterford, Baccarat, Lalique, William Yeoward, Royal Copenhagen, some Limoges makers, Lenox, Royal Doulton, and Tiffany & Co.

Die-Cast and Models:  Could be a wide array of items, from obscure Italian models to American plastic model kits.  

Art Glass:  Typically, any signed art glass will be of interest:  Paperweights, sculptures, bowls and vases, figurines, etc.

Militaria and Weapons:  Guns, bayonets, patches, medals, custom bench made knives, photographs

Sporting Goods:  Vintage fishing lures, old school skateboards, BMX bikes and accessories, vintage surfboards, and vintage Nike basketball shoes.

Action Figures: Star Wars, Mego, Super Powers, Secret Wars, GI Joe, Action Man, Green Hornet, He-Man, etc.

Toy Robots:  Transformers, GoDaiKin, Poppy, Lost in Space, Shogun Warrior, etc.

Video Games:  Most cartridge-based systems like Nintendo, Turbografx, and Sega.  Especially items still in the original packaging.

Fine and Collectible Art: Original oil paintings, lithographs, Giclees, better Park West pieces, Animation Cels, and original Comic Book or Comic Strip art.

Enamels:  Chinese and Japanese cloisonne, Battersea boxes, compacts and watches, souvenir spoons

Memorabilia: Autographed sports balls and photos, movie posters, resin figurines

Role-Playing Games:  AD&D, Dungeons & Dragons, Vintage Steve Jackson, Ral Partha, Grenadier and other lead miniatures, Warhammer, Britians, and others.

Baseball Cards: Antique tobacco cards, the 1950s-1970 baseball, basketball, and football cards.

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