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The first time I ever set up as a collectibles dealer was helping my dad sell his coins at the Dekalb County coin shows when I was 6 years old. I think this early exposure to coin collecting has made it one of my favorite genres of collecting to buy and sell to this day! Here are some items to be on the lookout for when liquidating an estate.

US Coins Pre-1965

All US quarters, dimes, half dollars, and dollar coins pre-1965 are 90% silver. These coins have significant intrinsic value based on this but could also have numismatic (collectible) value based on year, condition, and mint marks. Generally, US coins pre-1900 are more likely to have a numismatic value that exceeds the intrinsic value. Condition is extremely important when evaluating coins, and will also play a vital role in determining your collections’ value. If you come across a large bag of half dollars or quarters that all happen to be 1964 in your family’s estate, this is not a coincidence. Many collectors purchased these “investor bags” in the 1980s when silver prices were on the move higher. You will be pleasantly surprised by their value today!

US Mint Boxed Coins and Mint Sets

Most of the modern coins (post-1964) that we purchase fall into this category. We are most interested in Silver or Commemorative proof sets, silver dollars, and other modern silver coins.

World Coins

Many of the world coin collections we see are collections from travels abroad within the last 75 years. These collections are usually of little value. However, collections compiled by an astute collector could have great value. Look for foreign coins properly stored and identified by the collector; this increases the chances that they were a sophisticated collector and may have coins of merit. Also, look for graded coins (see below).

World Coin Collections

Graded Coins

There are many companies that provide grading services for coin collectors. The two most notable and respected are PCGS and NGC. While we buy coins that have been graded by any grading service, these two companies are the ones that collectors have full faith in. Coins graded by some of the more fly-by-night grading companies will need to be removed from the encapsulation and either regraded or sold as is, but we can buy them either way.

Gold & Silver Bars and Rounds

We pay extremely competitive prices on gold and silver bullion when buying directly. Unlike most other estate liquidation companies, we NEVER charge you our full commission when selling your gold or silver bullion at one of our estate sales. We want to help you liquidate your ENTIRE estate, and we know the best way to get all of your business is to treat you fairly.

We also have estate coins for sale

Busby Estate Liquidation & Realty Services has estate coins for sale. If you are looking for bulk coin lots for sale, give Chad Busby a call and find out how you can get coins for sale cheap.

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