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Disney World Antiques And Collectibles Are Hot!

Looking for somewhere to buy and sell Disney World antiques and collectibles in the Orlando area? Busby Estate Liquidations is the place for you.

As anyone who follows my blog probably knows, the current collectibles market is kind of all over the place.  There are lots of traditional collectibles that have gone down in value over the past 10 years, some so much so that they can hardly be considered collectibles any longer.  I’m happy to say that Disney collectibles are not in this basket of undesirables, quite the contrary in fact.  They are HOT!!

Our antique shop is located 45 minutes from Disney, and as you might expect we buy lots of Disney-related memorabilia.  Many of the large collections we have purchased over the years are collections from Disney employees!  We’ll go over some of the rare, desirable, and fun items that we love to buy and sell below:

Disney Trading Pins

Pins come in a large variety of shapes and sizes; everything from small trading about 1” in diameter to Super Jumbo, limited edition pins that may be 7” in length.  There are pin collages where multiple pins combine to make up a larger picture or set.  There are hidden mickey pins, overseas park pins, cruise line pins, and cast exclusive pins.  

They are all super collectible, and unlike so many other items that are sold as collectible, most of the larger, more expensive ones have actually gone up in value!  A super jumbo Disney Cinderella Castle pin limited to 500 pieces that retailed for $100 in 2006 may now sell for $250!

Disney Years of Service Awards

Disney has probably the best YOS mementos in all corporate America.  Instead of receiving a small gold pin or gold-plated watch that the employee would probably never wear, Disney gives cast members super cool bronze statues, themed with different characters and icons for each 5-year anniversary.  

As you go higher in the number of years of service, the statues become rarer (consider how few employees have a 40-year anniversary with one company!).   There are also YOS pins that are less valuable but still highly collectible.

Disneyana Convention Memorabilia:

The Disneyana convention was an annual officially sponsored Disney collectibles convention held from 1992 to 2002, typically on Disney World property in Orlando, but also at Disneyland in California for several years.  A large variety of show-exclusive, limited-edition items were available at these shows, some of which are very desirable on the collectibles aftermarket.

Employee (Cast) Exclusives and Park-Used Items

We recently purchased a large collection from a long-time employee of the Disney promotions and marketing department.  She had really cool, rare stuff!  Everything from original blueprints of park buildings to flags and banners flown in the park, to prototype and sample items that were used to create new marketing items. There is a great market for unique items like this that can’t be purchased via retail outlets.

Fine ArtDisney World antiques

There are quite a few artists that have lent their talents to WDW, and create fine art originals, prints, and giclées (a form of inkjet print that mimics the look of an authentic oil painting). Thomas Kinkade, James Coleman, Peter Ellenshaw, and Robert Wyland are just a few of the noteworthy artists whose works are in high demand, and while they sometimes don’t bring more than the original gallery prices, they are still quite valuable and desirable on the secondhand market.

Branded Figurines and Collectibles

Goebel (Hummel), Lenox, Olszewski, Armani, WDCC, Swarovski, Lladro, and Alibus Brothers are just some of the famous figurine and collectibles manufacturers that make Disney products.  We buy them all!

If you have a collection of Disney World antiques and other items that you are looking to sell, please call Chad Busby with Busby Estate Liquidations for a consultation. We are happy to come to you to evaluate your collection and make you a cash offer on the spot!

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