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Direct Estate Buyouts and Purchasing

Sometimes, estate sales are not the best way to liquidate an estate. As a direct estate buyer, we have been purchasing directly from our clients for over 30 years. We can purchase anything from single items to entire estates, but we are mainly looking for higher-end items (both in quality and price points). We even buy distressed real estate both residential and commercial!

We also have an in-house appraisal department that can offer very competitive appraisals for estates, single items, and real estate. We are able to provide quick turnarounds in payment and close quickly so that you can move forward with your next step.

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Frequently asked questions about Estate Buyout Services

An estate buyout service will make an offer for the worth of your possessions, which you’ll have to agree with. In many cases, we also pay for the home itself when the sale has been agreed upon. The way that process works is that you set up a consultation with us and our representatives will give you an offer for the worth of your home. If you agree to the offer, we come to your house within the scheduled time and clear out everything.

Let’s start with a basic look at an estate liquidation service. A traditional estate liquidation service has much in common with an at-home garage sale: Start by setting everything up in your home, selling items one by one for a fixed price. This method is a great way to sell your house’s contents, but it can cause quite a few issues:

1. The estate liquidation company you’re working with should make you an offer on the residual items that are unsold after the estate sale. Alternatively, you can browse online to find an independent cash offer for the items.

2. The weather and rain are unreliable in terms of affecting your capital. If your sale occurs on a Saturday with inclement weather, your merchandise’s dollar value can be severely diminished.

3. You never know what amount of cash you’ll see once your estate has been sold through an estate buyout service. With an estate liquidation service, you never see how much money you will see once the items are disposed of.

Everyone who wants to maximize the property’s value and satisfy the requirements associated with liquidating an estate has benefited from our expert services. We collaborate with a variety of folks dealing with difficulties stemming from various circumstances, such as experiencing an unexpected loss in the family, to helping an aged family member move to a senior living establishment.

If you have additional questions, refer to the FAQ on our website.