Direct Real Estate Purchasing

What You Should Know About Direct Real Estate Purchasing

Over the years, we have directly purchased 19 (and counting!) properties directly from our estate liquidation clients.  While we typically act as a broker representing our estate liquidation clients, we want to make sure our clients realize that direct real estate purchasing is an option available to them.  

An estate buyout offer for both real estate and contents is the quickest, easiest and most stress free way to liquidate an entire estate!

Please be aware, this service is not for everyone or every situation.  Keep in mind that when we purchase real estate directly, we are acting as real estate investors (not representing you as a broker), and as such we will not be paying full market value for your property.  We will however pay you a fair and competitive price based on your property’s condition, and we will be transparent as to how far below as-is market value we are offering, helping you make an informed decision as to whether to sell your house directly or on the open market.

  • Property Distress:  Issues such as damaged windows, non-working HVAC, leaking or 15+ year old roofs, old plumbing and electrical systems, structural damage and termite damage can all be reasons for your home to be uninsurable when transferred to a new owner.  This can make a traditional sale difficult (unless selling all cash to an investor who is willing to remediate these issues).
  • Estate Liquidity:  Some estates have extremely high carry costs.  A quick sale of one (or more) of the estate’s real property assets can often provide the liquidity needed to have an orderly liquidation of the remaining assets.
  • Ease and Quickness of a Guaranteed Transaction:  Once we make you an offer, we WILL buy your property.  We perform our due diligence in advance, and we always perform.  The only thing that would stop us from closing would be issues from the seller’s side (such as seller’s inability to transfer clear title).
  • Need for Privacy:  Some clients need to sell their property in a more private manner, for a variety of reasons.  Our direct purchase program allows you to sell property without public advertising.

Contact our owner, Chad Busby, to find out if your property fits the profile of properties that we can purchase directly! 

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